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Ten Helpful Hints...

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Kimberly Larochelle

I have a tattered little piece of paper that decorates my fridge, and it's nothing fancy...really quite worn...but on it is written some of the best advice that I have ever given myself.  It is called "10 Helpful Hints".  The reason I keep it on my "fridge" is so that I may FOLLOW this advice that I have given to myself....And...I reminded everyday, several times a day, every time I open the fridge..."Follow Your Own Advice"...

It seems that the closer I follow these 10 little tips...Life flows a little easier, and the world seems a little brighter.  The more  I read them and keep these tips formost in my mind...I seem to be able to muster up more Hope in my heart, along with Courage and Strength. 

I have found that in our Autism Spectrum Community, the struggle can be quite hard, and it can take a toll, physically, mentally, and emotionally.  If we can muster up though, and be strong enough one day, while our fellow may be lacking on that very same day...we can pass along a "shoulder to lean on"...and maybe someone will provide a "shoulder" for us, on another day...when we may be stumbling...   The point is, we are all on the same "crooked road"...and so just as I have been upbuilt by this tattered little slip of paper...I will pass it the hopes that it may give someone else a boost.

 Together...Let's move "Accomplishment"....

By:  Kimberly Larochelle

  1. Never give up on a cure.
  2. Read, read, and read some more everything on the subject…then keep what’s good, and discard what’s not…and keep a “not sure” file as well.
  3. Listen to your “Gut”…there is no one on this earth that loves this child as you do…or that knows this child better that you do…so “Arm” yourself with your own wisdom of your child, and become his or her best Advocate.
  4. If a therapist, doctor, teacher, ect…does not connect with your child…Find someone that does.
  5. If a therapy, or diet is not having successful results…stop…and find something that will bring success.
  6. Ask questions…lots of questions…and write them down, so that you can carry them with you when you go to your child’s doctors, therapist, ect…and if your questions are met with distain, sarcasm, or with a patronizing response…Find someone that will answer your questions with respect and dignity.
  7. When you feel like the world is caving in on you…take a Bubble Bath, a Long Walk…or anything to help you re-group to face the challenge again.
  8. Try to stay healthy yourself…this is hard as you may feel selfish about giving yourself any attention…so…just remember who you need to be healthy for…Your child... and they are depending on you…You cannot assist them very well if you get sick…
  9. Join a Support Group…and not just any support group.  Make sure that you will be able to gather “purposeful” support from this group…and that it truly satisfies your need of support in both a practical, and in an emotional sense.  Ask yourself, “What was I able to take away from this meeting?”  Any tips or information, and maybe even play dates for my child, ect…not just a “Gripe Session”.
  10. Do not feel guilty that your child is in this situation, and do not plague yourself with the “What if’s” or the “If only I knew then what I know now”…and Do not look back with regret…just keep moving forward to Accomplishment!


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