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Ego a go.

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Yogi Tobye

I've started to get irritated by visas and passports and borders and all the claptrap that's associated with ego. It just doesn't seem right somehow that I can't just get in a car and drive to Mongolia and hang out for a while!



The ego controls. It controls us on a personal level, but it also controls us on a countrywde/global level. Things like... I'm white, I'm English, I'm American, I'm European or I support the yankees, I'm a Republican, are all ways ego uses to control us.

My Dad says He's allergic to ginger, it makes Him sick literally, but it never seems an issue when He's eating ginger snap cookies! That's another way ego controls us...

There's this whole conspiracy theory that the powers that be want to implant every Man, Woman and child with a microchip so that we can be constantly watched everywhere we go. To many that is a scary thought... that "they " want to control us. But every day, in everything we do, we are controlled by our own ego. It holds us back, sets limitations and uses mental "red tape" to define who we are and what we are supposed to do.

I personally would love to be permanently carrying around, in my body, everything every world organisation will ever need, so that I can get on whatever plane I fancy getting on and go wherever I feel like going.

One of the things I really notice about my yoga practice every now and again, is how it makes me feel inside. It feels incredibly liberating to not think of myself as English, or Irish, a Manchester united or Celtic football club fan. And I don't want to hold a passport that defines me as "British". Maybe that has a lot to do with living in a country where generations can justify a certain hatred towards Britain, but it's also because I see people as being all the same. Polish, Latvians, Slovaks, Indians, Americans, Germans... each country has it's own egoic personality traits, but each person is exactly the same! And I have a whole lot of sadness inside that we seperate from each other and put each other in different size groups and then try to control each of those groups

Why can't we just all get along people!!

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